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Airports with baggage lift equipment

We have helped many airports with baggage handling solutions to reduce wear and tear complications that are common in the baggage handling area. With our baggage tools, baggage handlers can work ergonomically and still keep a quick working pace. Reviews have shown that our baggage systems are easy to use, fast to work with and a great complement instead of manual lifting. See below a selection of our airport customers and how we have helped them.

Baggage lift Basic
Arlanda Airport (Sweden)

Since 2013, more than 20 baggage systems have become part of the everyday work at Stockholm Arlanda.

Copenhagen Airport (Denmark)

Copenhagen Airport has invested in many of our quick and ergonomic baggage handling systems.

Gepäckheber Basic
Linköping Airport (Sweden)

Linköping Airport use our vacuum lift Basic outdoors, all year round in the nordic climate.

Munich Airport (Germany)

Europe's only five star airport benefits from 30 baggage lifters for loading and unloading ULD:s.

Schiphol Airport (the Netherlands)

Since 2013, Schiphol have invested in more than 100 baggage handling systems.

Stavanger Airport (Norway)

Stavanger utilize many of our baggage handling systems, mostly the allround vacuum lift Basic.

Tromsø Airport (Norway)

Tromsø Airport has several of our baggage handling systems in use.