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Mechanical sack gripper for mailbags and laundry bags

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General info

Maximum capacity : 75 kg

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 11 kg (integrated PSH) / 15 kg (detached PSH)

Media: 6-7 bar

11 kg (integrated PSH) / 15 kg (detached PSH): 92-10043

Article number with integrated PSH: 92-10044

We recommend our easy-to-use Mechanical Sack Gripper for upright, porous sacks that weight no more than 75 kg, such as laundry bags or mailbags that often are handled at the airport’s post terminal. This gripper swiftly and securely grips the sack, and is ready for effortless moving to its intended destination.

The Mechanical Sack Gripper also comes in stainless steel for hygienic environments.

Swift and easy lifting

The gripping rolls are made from rubber so they do not damage the sacks and no marks are left behind. To use, simply place the Mechanical Sack Gripper on the sack and press the green button. The gripping rolls will clamp down and secure the sack. The sack can now be easily lifted and moved to the desired location.

The controls

The Mechanical Sack Gripper has a proportional speed-control handle – you control the up and down movements of the gripper with the two levers. Press lightly for gradual movements, and press the lever a little more to increase speed. We recommend this control option when the loads vary in weight.