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Articulated jib crane FlexiCrane

Articulated jib crane FlexiCrane

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General info

Lifting capacity: up to 65 kg

Range: 4 000 mm

Rotation: endless (360 degrees)

Lacquered: Bright Red (RAL 3020)

The versatile jib crane FlexiCrane follows you wherever you go – easy, quiet and endlessly rotating!

The jib crane FlexiCrane is installed with a steel pillar on the wall, floor our ceiling, depending on the layout of the airport. The floor mounted FlexiCrane has an adjustable pillar and the height can be adapted during installation at the airport. The crane pillar also comes in a telescoping and/or mobile version. The mobile jib crane you can easily move around at the baggage handling area with a pallet truck.

Create an ergonomic lifting system with the FlexiCrane and the baggage lift Basic

The jib crane works perfectly with our vacuum lift Basic and with those two together the baggage handler can easily load and unload open trolleys to a conveyor. The baggage operator can lift quickly without risking wear and tear complications thanks to the ergonomic design of the baggage handling system. With our baggage lifting system you can reduce sick leaves and create a healthier working environment.

Endlessly rotating lift arm

A great benefit with the FlexiCrane is the smart design of the arm – it can rotate endlessly which gives you a range of 4 m! Thanks to the jib cranes flexibility and smoothness it outclass all comparable light weight cranes and jib cranes in user-friendliness.


FlexiCrane works great with the baggage lift Basic.


FlexiCrane logo

FlexiCrane logo