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Baggage handling

Ergonomic and quick baggage handling equipment

Lifts All provides airports with quick, ergonomic and energy efficient baggage handling tools. We offer tailor-made lifting systems for loading and unloading of containers and also a vacuum lift that handles all kinds of baggage to and from open trolleys. Depending on the size and layout of your baggage handling area we offer overhead crane system or our jib crane FlexiCrane to integrate with the lifts. We provide you with a complete lifting solution and also offer training and service after installation to make sure your baggage system works perfectly. With our baggage lifts you reduce work related injuries and wear and tear complications that are common when lifting manually. You create a more sustainable working situation with fewer sore backs and less sick leaves. Please see below for more information about our baggage handling solutions.

This pdf brochure contains all of our baggage lift products and services. Feel free to download (1,36 mb) and print it!

Electric Container Loading System (e-CLS)

The e-CLS is the perfect electric lifting aid for your specific baggage lifting needs. 

Container Loading System
Container Loading System (CLS)

A quick and smooth baggage handling system for loading containers.

CLS Launcher

Just push the ergonomically placed buttons and the CLS Launcher will push the baggage off the telescopic table by itself

SPEED-Loader - lyft bagage från lutande karuseller till bagagecontainrar.
SPEED-Loader for Container Loading

The latest innovation for loading baggage from carousels into ULD's!

Container Unloading System
Container Unloading System (CUS)

The Container Unloading System is probably the quickest tool to unload a baggage container.


Our easy-to-use Mechanical Sack Gripper is perfect for liftng laundry bags or mailbags that often are handled at the airport's post terminal.

Gepäckheber Basic
Vacuum lift with hook – Basic

Basic is a smooth vacuum lift that quickly lifts all kinds of baggage to and from open trolleys.

Articulated jib crane FlexiCrane

The versatile jib crane FlexiCrane follows you wherever you go – easy, quiet and endlessly rotating!

Overhead crane system

Smooth and quiet crane system in aluminium for loads up to 600 kg.