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About us

About us

We provide airports with fast and ergonomic baggage handling solutions that help reduce work related injuries and wear-and-tear complications that are common when lifting manually. Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions can improve your baggage handling and help create a sustainable work environment. We increase the speed of baggage handling and optimize the transit time, which also improves the customer satisfaction. Lifts All is located in Stockholm, Sweden and have been providing innovative lifting solutions since 1994. Today we offer over 5 000 different lifting solutions to our customers and dealers all over the world. Thanks to our great knowledge and vast experience of lifting equipment we are able to develop, customize and manufacture products – all under one roof. We of course also offer installation, training, support and maintenance services.

Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions have worked closely with major airports to create the ultimate lifting solutions for the airport industry. Today we offer the smartest products on the market that make loading and unloading of baggage extremely simple. They are easy to control, versatile and prevent damage to your customer’s bags. We can customize our products to be used by all airports, big or small. Our products are based on compressed air technology which makes them safe with little risks of malfunction. It also means they are easy to use and to maintain. The products are extremely energy-efficient, which makes it a technology worth investing in. A technology for the future.


We have great knowledge and experience in lifting tools since 1994, therefore we can almost guarantee we find a safe solution for your airport. After installation we can also provide you with support and maintenance service to keep your lifts safe.


Ergonomic lifting aid has been one of our key stones since the very beginning. Our baggage aids are carefully designed together with great airports to offer the best ergonomics possible and still keep a quick pace. The lifting tools are maneuvered by a weightless handling technique, which means very little force is necessary to steer the equipment. It helps reduce wear and tear injuries and other work-related injuries.


Our lifting gear is designed with a unique balancing technique to steer the load. This makes the handling of the load very intuitive, similar to manual handling but without the heavy lifts. The handling of baggage is made quicker since it is very easy to learn and a natural movement for the operator. Another great feature with our lifting aids is that they run solely by compressed air, which is much faster than electric baggage tools.


A better working day for everyone who lifts, big or small.


Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.